Beth’s Café Review (Seattle, WA)

beths cafe

Some places are meant for fancy meals and highbrow conversation. Then there’s local favorites that may not be fancy but have a lot of heart. Welcome to Beth’s Café. Beth’s Café is a neighborhood staple in Seattle that has been serving the community … [Read more...]

Fort Vancouver Review (Vancouver, WA)


The Pacific Northwest was once a wild and uncharted region. Without reliable maps, the early settlers traveled along unsure of safe haven save for a handful of tribes that had an uneasy relationship with these strangers from the east. That began to … [Read more...]

Tacoma Art Museum Review (Tacoma, WA)

There is great art to be found in Tacoma, WA. Although most people think of Seattle when it comes to the arts, Tacoma has a vibrant culture of museums and theatre that isn’t to be ignored. One sees this best when they visit the Tacoma Art Museum and … [Read more...]