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Welcome to the Family portion of Memoirs of a Single Dad. In this section of the site, you'll find topics that focus on families - mostly blended families and the unique dynamics of two separate family units coming together as one. If you'd like to suggest a topic or provide your own blog post for me to publish, please be sure to check out my Guest Blogging page!

Three Tips to Work-Life Balance


Family life is precious, the tight knit family lifestyle with shared meals around the dining table are rare, and television, phones, and computers can detract from times when we could be sitting down together as a family to chat about our day. It is … [Read more...]

Do You Eat Dinner Together?

Family Dinner Time

Studies have shown that children who routinely spend dinner time together with their families perform better in school and have fewer social problems.  It makes sense that a child who can take the time to relax and chat with his parents and siblings … [Read more...]

Target Optical Review

A few weeks ago, I reviewed online prescription glasses retailer, Switching gears to a 'big box' retail store, this review will cover the purchase of my son's eye glasses at our local Target Optical. I was not compensated for this … [Read more...]