Dating Tips

I admit it - I've been around the block a few times (or more) and I've learned a thing or two along the way. Learn from my successes and failures with my collection of dating and online dating tips.

Five Things to AVOID on a First Date

first date

A first date can be completely unnerving, but as long as you “act natural” and “be yourself”, you will soon settle into the swing of things and enjoy your night out. But for most, it’s not really clear how you prepare for a first date. It’s easy … [Read more...]

Five Forbidden Topics on a First Date

Beach Girl - Jessica Polar

It is very important that a person feels as comfortable as possible to be themselves on their first date. That said, you must be yourself, which means that you must be smart, intelligent and definitely articulate in the way you talk to your … [Read more...]

Are You Dating the Wrong Person?

Dating in your twenties - and any age really - can be difficult. You're at the point where relationships are no longer ways to past the time and have set expiration dates (like graduation, moving etc.) But you're also not fully ready to jump into the … [Read more...]