Obama vs Romney Debate: Heart vs Wallet

I feel a bit like I have two little people – one on each of my shoulders. One is telling me to vote for Barack Obama while the other is telling me to vote for Mitt Romney

I’m not a political blogger by any stretch. There are plenty of those out there, after all. Politics is one topic that I try to avoid like a blogging plague – not because I’m not interested (I was a political science major in college, actually) or not engaged by the national political discourse but because it can be so very polarizing. Translate: many people can become offended very quickly.

I’ve watched complete strangers get into arguments over politics.

I’ve watched close family members yell about why only a fool would vote for one candidate over another.

I don’t like it. I don’t like that we can’t just agree to disagree sometimes when it comes to politics. I don’t like that one side always has to try to talk the other side into agreeing when they very clearly know they never will.


When I think about what the two candidates offer and how they differ I see two diverging personalities: Obama still feels like the “hope, change” champion to some that he was back in the 2008 election while Romney represents the change many feel is necessary now after four years of failed “liberal” policies. To me, it’s much more simple than that. That said, I’m going to write my one and only political post for 2012 now: Obama vs Romney Debate: Heart vs Wallet.

Barack Obama: The Heart

To me, Barack Obama is the presidential candidate that appeals to my heart the most. “What’s feeling got to do with voting”, you ask? Well, as diligent as we can be about voters, there’s only so much a candidate’s campaign and history will tell us about them. We’ve got four years of Obama being president to give us some idea what he’d be like for another four years.

Like many, the past four years hasn’t been the easiest for me – I was notified that I was losing my job. I was a victim of “redundancy” due to a company merger. While the economy may have been indirectly to blame, I wasn’t a victim of the tough economic times directly. In fact, I was laid off nearly a decade ago when the economy was stronger than ever. I didn’t blame the economy or Obama for my layoff, but I was a bit nervous about re-entering a super soft job market.

Thankfully, I was able to find a great job – one that I enjoy more than the one I had before. I was lucky; my curse ended up being a blessing in disguise, but many weren’t as fortunate as I was.

What really sticks out about Obama and makes my heart tell me I should vote for him was something one of my good friends said just shortly after the first debate:

For me, political season and debates are like the playoffs and Election Day is the World Series. But last night’s debate turned me off to the whole thing. I’ve made my decision and, unlike any other voting decision I have ever made, I decided solely on the fact that i absolutely can’t stand Mitt Romney. He stresses me out beyond belief, and he is a bully. Over it.

Mitt Romney is a bully. I kinda agree with that statement. From Mitt’s now infamous “47 percent” video to his unapologetic policies, I can’t disagree with the notion that Mitt Romney may be a bit of a (political) bully. His general disposition combined with his opposition to providing equal rights to all under the law (specifically “gay marriage”) and women’s rights is a little frightening, even to a man.

I would not be friends with Mitt Romney if he and I knew each other, personally. I can, however, see myself being friends with Barack Obama. But is that enough to vote for one candidate over another?


Mitt Romney: The Wallet

Image: zfacts.com

Newsflash: Mitt Romney is loaded. Like, as in multi-hundred millionaire loaded. He knows a thing or two about business, too. That’s difficult to dispute, even if his past may be questionable in regards to his business practices. The fact of the matter is, Mitt Romney knows how to run a business and knows how to make it profitable.


Guess what? The American Federal Government is a business. It’s in the business of providing services to us – its customers. “We the People” of the United States are the customers and we get to choose who leads our ‘company’ every four years.

I can’t say that I agree with everything President Obama has done, fiscally, over the past four years. He spent trillions of dollars to get us out of our recession, but how much did it really help us? Did it help me at all? I don’t have any more money now than I did four years ago – but there are plenty of people that do. What it has gotten us is near record debt with no real end in sight.

I don’t know about you, but I have two children and I’m not interested in passing that kind of debt off to them. It’s OUR responsibility to control our spending, reduce (or *gasp* eliminate) our debt and get our fiscal house back in order.

I think Mitt Romney may be the best candidate for that job. My wallet tells me to hire Mitt.

Which Do I Listen To?

I feel a bit like I have two little people – one on each of my shoulders. One is telling me to vote for Barack Obama while the other is telling me to vote for Mitt Romney. How is one to decide when you’re this internally disputed? Do I listen to my heart and vote for the candidate that I think represents my own personal beliefs more closely? Or do I listen to my wallet and vote for the candidate that would be the best for my (and I feel ‘our’) wallet, our economy and our future economic recovery and balanced budget? It’s a tough choice.

Are you internally conflicted about who to vote for as well? How will you end up deciding? What makes you undecided? I’d love to hear your comments below. Please keep the conversations respectful. This is my site; I will delete you if I don’t like you (or your comments).

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  1. Janak Gada says

    I think, if the US government is truly a business (that’s a separate topic altogether), then the American people are not only its customers, but also its shareholders. The first rule of investing in a company is to use your head and not your heart.

    Great article in breaking down the two angles. I agree with almost all of it.

    • says

      Thanks, Janak. I wrote the piece because I heard someone say (a journalist) that voters that are still undecided are being insincere. He argued that they really know they either don’t want to admit it or they’re doing it for attention. Some of us really are still undecided.

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