Five Things You Should Consider When Buying an LCD TV

With the prices of LCD TVs going down, this is the best time to shop for your next big screen TV. It is not unusual to see LCD TV deals on the market that offers big discounts on different brands and screen sizes.

It is best to know what you are getting when shopping for LCD TV as there are a lot of different brands out there and all of them are claiming to be the best.

Here are five things that you should look at closely before you purchase one:

Contrast Ratio

Photo by LGEPR via Flickr

Contrast ratio refers to the difference between the whitest white and the blackest black in LCD screen. Higher contrast ratio means clearer and better picture quality. But be aware that it is not uncommon for manufacturer to inflate the contrast ratio of their products, so make sure that you compare different brands before buying.

Color Depth

LCD can create millions of color combinations, and how the screen displays these colors can affect your viewing experience. Generally, deeper color is good. But don’t buy a set just because it is advertised to produce the most color combinations because in reality, too vivid and overwhelming color can be hard to look at.

Viewing Angles

I’m sure you’ve experienced this problem. You’re not sitting straight on to the TV and you can’t quite make out what’s going on. The highest quality sets offer 120 degrees of viewing angle, while lesser models offer considerably less. This means that you can see the picture on the screen clearly even if you are a little off to the side of the TV set. But don’t just believe the salesman when it comes to this; test the TV yourself. Some unit will give you significantly lower viewing angle, but if your room only allow you to stay in front of the TV, then why will it matter to you?


This is the part where you don’t have to sweat a lot and stop worrying when the LCD is going to go blank on you. Most LCDs are rated to last 60,000 hours or 20 years at 8 hours daily use. But if you’re really worried, just go for the set with the longest warranty period.


The cost of LCD TV depends on its size and of course, the manufacturer. Expect to pay more for LCD from the most popular brands. But there are LCD TV deals from lesser brands that will give you the same performance but at a lower price. The trick is to shop at more than one store and compare different brands.

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