Smart Tips for Staying Safe While Traveling the UK

Holidays are traditionally a time to relax, but parents know only too well they can’t afford to let their guard down too much. Keeping your family safe on holiday doesn’t have to be a chore – it just takes a little forward planning.

To Tech or not to Tech?

It’s tempting to rely completely on technology – but satnavs have been known to fail dramatically in rural areas, so always make sure you have a paper map as a backup. Not every rural area has decent mobile phone coverage either, so have a “plan B” for communicating. If you’re staying at a registered campsite, make sure you know the contact number, facilities and opening hours – and have the details in both old-fashioned paper and electronic format. If there’s a child courier or babysitting service, make sure you know the operating hours and how you book. Ensure you have the location of the nearest hospital, pharmacy, police station, and convenience store. Once you arrive at your pitch, it’s a good idea to take a walk as a family to see how far away the amenities are. If you’re doing your own thing during the day, setting at least one regular daily time when you all come together helps you all keep track of each other.

Personal Safety Considerations

If you have expensive gadgets, don’t make them too conspicuous. Keep cards and cash on you. Make sure you have essential phone numbers on you, such as your bank and your closest relative or friend. Mark your property with your house number and postcode, preferably using an inconspicuous method like an ultraviolet pen. Although one of the joys of country holidays is the lack of light pollution when you’re star-gazing, when you’re trying to find your way around late at night or early in the morning, though, a good, reliable torch, such as a Maglite, is essential. Consider a personal alarm or whistle too. And if you can, just as you would at home, stick to well-lit areas and designated paths when moving about.

Sturdy, warm footwear and snug socks are also essential to lessen the chance of trips, falls, and stumbling on glass, rocks or sharp sticks on the ground. Keeping covered up makes you less likely to be stung by nettles or insects. And good waterproof outerwear and lightweight, easy-dry tops and trousers are a must. If there are rivers, brooks or lakes on site, make sure any children understand water safety.

Caravan Safety

It’s a good idea to always have a basic first aid kit with you, plus a store of bottled water, some non-perishable food like chocolate or cereal bars (assuming it didn’t all get eaten on the journey, of course), a few extra blankets or rugs, and hand gel or wet wipes. Sunscreen is another essential – even in Britain, it’s possible to burn very quickly in summer sun. It may be easy to overlook, but carrying proper insurance on your vehicle is a necessity as well, especially when traveling. There are a number of options available for finding cheap caravan insurance in the UK.

Just a few simple precautions can mean you go home with happy memories of a great family holiday. Don’t let a simple detail wreak havoc on your trip!

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    Its really important to take precaution while traveling countryside. The guidelines you gave are really important as no person knows you there and you need to be extra cautious otherwise trip will not be enjoyable. Thus its better to be alert and also remember the points given by the writer as its important.

    Thanks for the informative blog.

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