Budget Travel for the Single Parent

It’s no secret that being a single mom is hard work – basically a full-time job in addition to my job as a nutritionist and personal trainer. That’s why it’s important for me to set aside time for relaxation so that I can avoid getting caught up in the grind of life.

I try to take a few trips a year and one of my favorites is when I head to the Midwest to take in some Chicago attractions. My 3-year-old son Reid enjoys visiting Millennium Park or going to Wrigley Field for a Cubs game. Reid usually accompanies me to Chicago, although I may squeeze one trip in without him (he enjoys staying with cousins or his grandma for a few days anyway).

Here are some travel tips for other single parents that will help you get the most out of family vacations, as well as some ways to enjoy time out on your own.

Family vacation 

When we hear the words “family vacation” most people just think about the family going away together. But how about really making it a family vacation? Get your kids involved with the planning process. You can make a family night out of it. Maybe order some pizza and surf the web or travel books for activities to do and see wherever you plan to go. Younger kids will usually be happy with inexpensive things like going to arcades, zoos or even playing out in a nice park.


If you are a single parent with teenagers one of the best trips you can take is to an all-inclusive resort or a cruise. Teenagers like to do their own thing a lot of times and that’s okay. All-inclusive means there are plenty of options available without having to travel so you can rest up and enjoy yourself and let them do things on their own. You can meet up with them for meals or do some activities together but everyone can have their own space and do what they want without needing a ride or money to cover it. You can find deals that include food, drinks, rooms and even flights.

Save a little

Depending on the age of your children you can usually save a nice chunk of money at different restaurants and certain travel options. I have gone to a number of restaurants that served Reid a nice meal free of charge. Since he’s only 3, he doesn’t really know much about it or ask for much outside of chicken nuggets and French fries but I have gone days on vacations without having to purchase a meal for him.

Me time

One thing about being a single parent is it’s all on you (unless you have some family around to help out). Truth be told it can be tiring and we all need time to recharge. Leaving your child with close friends or family for a couple of days can feel like a fun getaway for them and you can use that time to relax at home or get away.

But whether you travel alone or with your kids it’s important to see some new things and be in a new environment. If you have any single parent trip tips to add please share them with us!


  1. Jeremy says

    For single parent and kids it can be a great fun to travel together and you can be a great partner for each other. I think it is easy to concentrate on each other and requirements.

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