The Dating Game – Ms. Gloom and Doom

Share your thoughts about this online dating profile in the comments section below! I’d love to hear what you think about profiles that come off negative right from the start. Would you be interested in this user? Is she just being honest or is there something else going on here?

Let’s face it – online dating profiles are nothing more than marketing propaganda for our love lives. While I don’t condone the common practice of Best Foot Forward Dating (BFFD), I don’t think most people want to date Eeyore, either. In other words, be honest with and about yourself, but try not to depress us with your profile, okay?

Enter – a Gloom & Doom profile example. I don’t know this person, personally, and like most everyone else the only things I do know about her I read about in her profile.

OkCupid Profile Review - Gloom & Doom

OkCupid Profile Review – Gloom & Doom

What I Think She Did Wrong

#1 – Runaway Bride – Before the 1st Date

While I appreciate her honesty, I think leading with the fact that she’s been a runaway bride not once but twice may be a bit of a turnoff for most men. Sure, it won’t turn everyone off and some would argue that the ‘one’ for her should accept her faults. The problem is she’s excluding a lot of potential matches at the door with that statement. Disclose sensitive details about your past gradually. There’s a fine line between being honest and venting on your profile.

#2 – No Pictures With Smiles

She’s got multiple pictures up but none of them show her smiling. Perhaps she doesn’t smile, I don’t know. She certainly doesn’t look happy alone. What makes a prospective date think she’d be any happier with them?

#3 – Talk of Sense of Humor but No Evidence?

She says right in her profile that she’s ‘hilarious’ and is good at making people laugh, but I see no evidence of her sense of humor. She could be Chris Rock funny but just because you say something doesn’t make it true (especially on the interwebs). If you want people to know you’re funny SHOW them!

What She Did Right

She didn’t do everything wrong in her profile. Here are a few things I think she did right.

#1 – Multiple Pictures

Even though her pictures don’t depict her smiling, she did post more than one and they appear to be relatively recent. Your pictures should accurately represent who you are NOW. Not who you were in high school or 10 years ago. I think anyone visiting her profile can get a pretty accurate idea of what she looks like based on her pictures. Like it or not, physical attraction plays a part in online dating as well!

#2 – She Talks About What She Wants

Some people make the classic online dating profile mistake of only talking about what they DON’T want. That’s easy to do because that’s how a lot of us learn – through our experiences. We meet someone we KNOW we’re not interested and we catalog that type of person. Too much, “I’m not looking for…” or “I’m not interested in…” can come off as overly negative. Tell people what you do want in a mate, not what you don’t want.

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  1. says

    I really digg her honesty in her profile. I’m willing to bet that she still got tons of replies from men that were attracted to the fact that she was upfront and honest from the start. Also, I think she pretty much described a relationship that pretty much most men would rather have.

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