Single Dad Dating – Some Advice on Dating a Single Dad

Do you have any tips or advice on dating a single dad or single parent? Check out my pieces of advice below and be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments!

I get asked this question a lot – both by single moms and by those that don’t have children of their own.  At first, I really couldn’t come up with an answer because why would dating a single dad be any different than dating anyone else?  Of course, the longer I’ve been a single dad the more I realize there definitely are differences to dating single parents – some very big ones that may not be obvious to everyone.  I decided, after some thought on the subject, to write this article on tips for dating single dads (and single moms).

Dad Dating Tip #1 – Patience

Don’t move too fast in the relationship when dating a single dad.  Single parents have more than just themselves to consider when in a relationship.  As a single without children you can sometimes throw caution to the wind.  Sell all stuff, join the peace corps and move to India.  Why not?  Put your stuff in storage, have granny watch your cat and backback Europe for two months.  Let’s go!  However, as a single dad or single mom it’s best to take things a bit more slowly and deliberately.  After all, it’s not just you that gets hurt if the relationship doesn’t work out.

Dad Dating Tip #2 – Flexibility

This tip applies to both sides of the single dad dating equation.  As someone dating a single dad, you shouldn’t push too hard to meet your guy’s child(ren).  Meeting the children is a big step for any single parent, so be sure not to take it lightly.  When you are ready, approach the subject with an open frame of mind and express to your single dad that you’re ready when ever he’s ready.  Let him know that you’ve been thinking about meeting the most important people in his life but that you’re also willing to do it on their terms. As a dating dad, you should exercise patience when introducing your children to the person you’re dating.  Dating isn’t a race and children don’t understand people coming and going from their lives.  Introducing them to people that are only around for a brief period of time in their (and your) lives will only create instability and instability is universally unhealthy for children of all ages.

Dad Dating Tip #3 – Love Kids!

Do you love kids?  Ok, do you at least really like them?  Do their smiles make you smile and their giggles make you laugh?  Let’s be honest, if you don’t like children then you probably shouldn’t be dating a single dad.  I can see some definite up-sides to dating a single parent.  Most single parents rate high in areas like maturity, stability and experience (take that as what you will) and those qualities carry over into their love lives as well.  Dating single parents just isn’t for everyone, so if you’re really not interested in playing a large role in a child’s life, just be honest with yourself and your single dad and bow out (gracefully) to someone that will appreciate all they have to offer.

Dad Dating Tip #4 – Have a Sense of Humor

Kids say the darndest things – and so can parents!  Having a sense of humor when dating a single parent is a very handy quality to have.  Single parents may be accustomed to interacting with their children and can require an adjustment period when transitioning to speaking with (real, actual) adults from time to time.  In other words, cut us a little slack if a single mom or single dad excuses him or herself to “go potty” or asks you if your dinner is “yummy”. :-)


  1. says

    I’m dating a single dad and it’s challenging. I’m also a single parent. Finding time to spend together is not easy. I think if 2 single parents date, their schedules should be somewhat similar, otherwise it’s hard to synch up.

    • says

      Schedules are definitely more of an issue when you’re a dating single parent. When you don’t have children to “worry” about, then you’re free to do what you want. The responsible single parent has to find the equilibrium between the needs of the children and themselves.

  2. SassyLilJuicy says

    I didn’t know the fact until I went to his place, and he showed me his daughter photo. I was frozen that time and really surprised, but try to keep calm cuz I think that between me and him may not go that far. Since I focus more on his hot body.

    But now I kinda like him alot, and beyond sex too.
    The fact that single daddy be…
    1. Mature than the guys same as his aged (he’s 27 and im 24) lots of his thinking and actions is mature, and i’m looking for this type of guy.

    2. He treats and respect me

    3. He’s really easy going and flexible

    4. The way he treats his kid is damn cute!! and I can’t stop smiling.


    things keep going on between us, until I forget the fact that he’s single daddy 😉 and I have a really great time!!

  3. says

    All sound advice, I would note that on meeting the kids there should be a time frame understood between the two daters. My rule was a minimum of 90 days. That way there are no unacceptable expectations.

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