Dear Son: On the Gravity of Life

Oren Miller and Wife

Dear Sons, Many of these "Dear Son" posts likely won't carry much meaning for you until you're older and more mature. Children should not be made to understand the gravity of life. That's part of the appeal of childhood and no one should take that from you. But as I grow older (I'll turn 40 this year), I realize how much we, as adults, are shackled to the unforgiving progression of our lifetime. Make no mistake, that doesn't mean that we don't have control over our lives. Life, I'm convinced, is equal parts what we do and pure chance. We have no control over chance but we do have control over our decisions. It's my job to help ensure … [Continue reading]

Are Stepmoms > Stepdads?


According to the U.S. Council on Contemporary Families there are five times as many stepfathers as stepmothers.  Stepdads are a majority.  Really?  Well, this data is based on census figures which don’t count stepmothers who don’t live in the same … [Continue reading]