Confessions of a Co-Parent Dad: Top 5 Crazy Ex Conversations

caged overpass

I must confess, crazy conversations with ex's are events that both amuse and frustrate me to no end. Many of us don't think clearly after we part our ways, and that often leads to some downright maddening conversations. Now, just because you have crazy conversations with them doesn't mean they (or you) are crazy, but logic is often nowhere to be found when you and your ex speak. If you witness any or all of these crazy ex quotes, you can be reasonably certain your ex is still in their post-relationship "fog" and it's best to simply limit conversations with them to smoke signals or carrier pigeon until they (hopefully) return to … [Continue reading]

Are Stepmoms > Stepdads?


According to the U.S. Council on Contemporary Families there are five times as many stepfathers as stepmothers.  Stepdads are a majority.  Really?  Well, this data is based on census figures which don’t count stepmothers who don’t live in the same … [Continue reading]